Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Much Freedom Do We Have To Lose Before We Realize It's Gone? Scary Truth Enclosed

I (like many) have finally come to realize that there is no legal or Constitutional method by which the Barrack Obama Administration can be brought to justice for the myriad High Crimes and Misdemeanors it has committed over the course of the past five years.

To put it very simply, this immoral and criminal presidential administration has manipulated the finer points of the Constitution to their advantage, which has allowed the administration to concentrate every bit of enforcement power in the Executive Branch. The Administration has applied the Constitution in ways that the Founders never intended nor envisioned. The Constitution was written for a moral and godly people, and the present Administration is neither.

Congress and the Judicial Branch, in themselves, have no soldiers, troops, police agents, etc with which to enforce the laws, resolutions, and other acts which they may enact; every single bit of armed force contained within the federal government is currently concentrated under the command and control of the Executive Branch -- the armed forces, every agency of the Justice Department, every agency of the Treasury Department, the over-arching Department of Homeland Security, etc. And, due to the increased militarization of America's police departments (especially the large big city departments) the stage is now set for a complete consolidation of all armed power in America under the control of essentially one man: Barrack Hussein Obama.

The Obama Administration is in the de facto position to completely thumb it's nose at both Congress and the Courts with complete impunity. While Congress can pass laws, the Obama Administration has already amply demonstrated that it will selectively enforce what it wants and ignore those laws it does not like. The Administration has also demonstrated that it is more than willing to either bully or blackmail (through the use of its own ÑSA electronic surveillance) the Courts into ruling as they demand or that it will simply completely ignore the Court's rulings with impunity. After all, since the Administration controls every means by which the Courts and Congress could possibly enforce their will, who is left to enforce the Rule of Law in America?

Surely, in the final analysis, the American People will step up to the task of forcing the Executive Branch into the bounds prescribed to it by the Constitution... won't they?

Sadly, the majority of Americans couldn't care less about what the future holds for this great nation... so long as their cable television, internet, and cell phones continue to work. Even more sadly, the majority of those who care more for America than for the creature comforts still erroneously believe that the Obama Administration can be brought back into line by the Rule of Law.

Until those Americans who insist on clinging to the futile hope of being able to use the Rule of Law to defeat those who now are in the de facto position to completely ignore the Rule of Law, the Administration will continue to impose its will upon Congress, the Courts, and the American People,

It is now painfully obvious that America is doomed to repeat it's terrible and bloody history once again. The Rule of Law has not stopped the Administration, and now that it has amassed absolute power, which has corrupted it absolutely, there is only one method left by which this nation can be saved -- the one last, final and absolute right -- that right of revolution last practiced by our forefathers over two hundred years ago.

It's not a matter of if it will happen but when.

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