Thursday, July 11, 2013

Liberal Bias & Corruption Rampant in Government, Media, Schools & Legal System = End of Freedom!

Liberal Bias and Corruption is rampant in our Government, Media, Schools, and worst of all in our supposedly impartial judges and law enforcement agencies! This Country is beyond saving in my estimation! We are so Screwed! Nearly everyone is brainwashed! God Help Us!

Liberal Judge is way out of line here. The Defense hasn't rested yet, the attorneys always have the right to represent and to object to any questioning before they rest.

This (so called) Judge should be disbarred or at least reprimanded for her liberal activism! Watch her scold the attorneys like children. Just more classic abuse of power in Government!

UPDATE - The Judge is a lifelong Democrat as suspected, go figure.

This is an excellent breakdown of the facts Via Mr Conservative - Evidence Suggests Judge Is Giving Zimmerman An Unfair Trial

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