Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Revolution is Inevitable - Fedzilla is to Big To Be Stopped

Limp Dick Republicans! They surrendered their only way to stop Obama's Illegal Amnesty and the very unpopular ObamaCare by giving up The Power of the Purse! Boehner and every Republican that voted for this Trillion+ Spending Orgy and Special Interest Payoff Should Be Sued For Not Upholding Their Oaths of Office! They are NOT preserving, protecting, or defending the Constitution of our United States of America! In fact they are complicit in the destruction of it! Charge Them!

I am starting to think the fight can't be won using the legal process. This may have to come to a bloody revolution for real change. The core problem is that there are so many brainwashed idiots and people that get government handouts that won't stand up and fight for what is right. We the (working) people are starting to give up on our corrupt government that promises to do great things and then fails us when it's time to follow through.

We don't have a single voice speaking for us. No one standing up and espousing American exceptionalism, morals and values that made this country so great. No one seems to give a damn because they are getting their cut of cash so they 'go along to get along'. Tyranny is upon us. Government has gotten so big it can't be stopped, at least not by our legal process. Many have fought and died to preserve our freedoms and liberties and many more will have to do so if we want to save the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.

On the matters of the race hustlers, race baitors, and racists rioting in the streets.

The USA is the least Racist Nation in the World! There is no other country that treats people as fairly and equally as here. These black people don't know how good they have it! Why is it that people of all colors come here for a chance at their own American Dream if it is such a horrible racist nation?These idiots (especially Obama/Holder) are intentionally stoking the race card to divide and distract the American people away from the real problems. They intend to destroy the country we love because they hate it. White people are to blame for all of their problems, NOT!

Our time is near. God Bless All Our Freedom Fighters and Revolutionaries.

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