Sunday, July 2, 2017

'Rediscovering Americanism' Brilliant! A Must Read For Every American!

Every American Needs To Read This Book!

Reagan is my biggest hero but Mark Levin is a close second. He must be heard by every American that loves their freedom and way of life as they know it. Mark truly is the Paul Revere of our time.

We must try to get through to every American patriot about the clear and present dangers of the Progressive movement that is trying to destroy the very fabric of our civilized society. 

Make no mistake!

We are at war with indoctrinated leftists and their progressive ideology/agenda to destroy everything great about our Founding Fathers Ideology, Our Liberty and our Constitutional Republic!

This is a quote from Mark's book and it is absolutely true!

"We believe in Constitutionalism. They believe in collectivism.

We believe in individualism. They believe in conformity.

We believe in private property. They don't.

We believe in prosperity. They believe in redistribution.

We believe in separation of powers. They believe in this big administrative state.

We believe in eternal truths. They believe in ideological social engineering.

We believe in stability. They believe in constant transformation.

We believe in real science. They believe in social science.

We believe in the rights of man. They believe in the power of government.

We believe in a moral order. They believe in situational ethics.

We believe in Liberty. They believe in growing authoritarianism.

We believe in education. They believe in indoctrination.

Our principles are the principals that have helped propel humanity into the enlightenment and reformation ages.

Their principals are regressive and are absolutely dark and bleak."

At the end of the day our principals will win every time!

Please read Mark's new book. Rediscovering Americanism.

You can watch him on Fox News Network talking about his book here. This is very good. >>Click Here To Watch<<

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